Mobiles Key » Blackberry Mobiles » my blackberry curve 9320 heats up when i select the 3G network platform?

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my blackberry curve 9320 heats up i select the 3g network platform. my blackberry curve 9320 heats up i select the 3g network platform

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It is normal for smartphones to get a little warm. If it's actually hot then it's defective and I would contact your wireless provider if I were you. Overheating can cause parts of the microchips in the phone to melt which means it would quite working. Better for you to be able to get your contacts, pics, and other files off of it before then if it is overheating.
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all curves have a similar issue. its not the phone its the battery. take out the battery and feel for swelling or raised or hard spots. I like to place it on a flat hard surface and spin it. if it makes just one turn then its something else but if it spins like a top then its beginning to swell and break down inside and time to replace the battery
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