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I keep getting this weird symbol when I'm texting with someone. I'll be having a conversation, and I'll send a message and set the phone down (leaving the conversation open), and then a second later, it'll make the sound as if to say I have a new SMS, but when I look at it, there's no new message, it just has a little red triangle with an exclamation point in it in the bottom right corner of the last message I sent. What does this mean? I can't figure out if it's trying to alert me that my SMS I was sending didn't go through, or if I got a SMS that didn't come through. Has anyone else seen this?

BTW, my phone is the Samsung Intercept Android from Virgin Mobile.
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Means ur phone just got messed up seriously!!!

Most likely that therewas a problem with ur massage that u sEnt
it couldn't be sent to your friend for some reason
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